Trinity to review its links with Israeli and Palestinian third-level institutions



Please see the following story from the Trinity News newspaper, which features an interview with Ronit Lentin of Academics for Palestine.

Ronit Lentin, a retired associate professor in Trinity’s Department of Sociology, spoke to Trinity News on behalf of Academics for Palestine (AfP), an Irish group committed to the academic boycott of Israel and the support of Palestinian universities. She welcomed the audit, stating that the group hopes that Trinity’s review of its involvement with Palestinian universities will result in greater collaboration between Ireland and Palestine in higher education. However, she said that AfP are “not really interested in a balance” in Trinity’s relationship with Israeli and Palestinian third-level institutions and that ideally the audit will result in Trinity severing its ties with Israeli universities. “We don’t think that it is enough for Trinity to say that it will support both… because Israel is engaged in an illegal occupation of Palestinian lands and discriminates against Palestinians. It would be to balance something that is essentially unbalanced,” she said.