Academia Against Apartheid – The case for an academic boycott of Israel


pdflogRead the pamphlet, Academia Against Apartheid РThe case for an academic boycott of Israel, here

Responding to the Palestinian call for a boycott of Israeli academic institutions, a group of concerned academics in Ireland has begun a campaign to urge Irish-based academics to support the boycott, which is intended to last until Israeli academia ends its complicity in – and in many cases its active support for – the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza, its role in the unequal treatment of Israeli citizens whose ethnicity is Palestinian, and its support for illegal settlements that usurp lands in the occupied West Bank and in Jerusalem.

This information booklet explains the origin of the academic boycott campaign and explores its rationale by addressing frequently asked questions about the campaign. It explains what the boycott entails and the kinds of actions it excludes. For example, the boycott is directed at institutions but not at individual academics. The booklet also includes a section on the framework of European Union funding which aids Israel’s military-industrial complex, and information on a number of weapons-related projects that Irish universities are implicated in through their collaboration with Israeli companies. Although a full list of such egregious collaborations is not available, we hope that by launching this campaign, the lid will be lifted on the extent of Irish academic support for Israel’s occupation and its system of apartheid. Lastly, we provide a list of suggested actions that academics can take to advance the boycott.

pdflogRead the pamphlet, Academia Against Apartheid – The case for an academic boycott of Israel, here